The Danes are very good at ”Hygge”. It can be together with others or sitting alone in front of the fireplace with a blanket. Or read a good book with a hot cup of chocolate or coffee. Hygge is often associated with good food or cake between meals. Mid-morning coffee, afternoon tea and evening coffee often brings family and friends together for Hygge. Hygge is one of the reasons that the Danes are known as some of the happiest people – it may or may not have something to do with the fact that Carlsberg, one of world’s biggest beer brands, is Danish. .  
We love to Hygge.


The cakes look stunning as they stand on the long white clothed table. Here you find everything from swiss rolls, pretzels, sponge cake, layered cakes, cookie and pies. Truly a magnificent sight! After the war in 1864, South Jutland came under Prussian rule. They refused to grant liquor licenses to the Danish Village Houses. Then the Danes started meeting for cake and coffee because it did not require a liquor license. But the Village Houses could handle making cakes for so many people, so a lot of the participants brought a homemade cake. This is where the tradition with many different cakes began. Suddenly it became a competition for the local housewives to see who could bring the tastiest cake. Therefore, a Southern Jutlandic Coffee Table is always of high quality. The big Southern Jutlandic Coffee Table consists of more than a few cakes and some coffee. To be exact it must consist of minimum 7 soft cakes, 7 dry cakes and 7 hard cakes such as cookies. .  
Maybe you should try it at home?

A CULINARY EXPERIENCE - Denmark is a Nordic Kitchen Paradise.

Denmark is known worldwide for being a culinary destination. We are the birth place of the new Nordic food movement that respects and focuses on seasonal and local ingredients of a high quality. So, it is really no surprise that Denmark can be proud of 31 Michelin stars and 26 star quality restaurants. Luckily this philosophy is also evident in the pulsating Streetfood scene, where you can try food of all different kinds, and to a great price. Denmark is truly a food paradise.
Bon appetite or as we say in Denmark, Velbekomme.

THE WEST COAST - A sea of adventure

Denmark’s coast line is collectively over 7300 kilometers long which is quite unusual for such a small country as Denmark. No matter where you are in the country you will find yourself no more than 50 kilometers from the coast. So, if you visit Denmark then coast and ocean will be an inevitable part of the experience. The roaring sea along the west coast is a beloved destination for both couples and families for a day excursion. The magnificent nature has wide horizons, to both north and south, and long sandy beaches. All year around a relaxing walk on the beach is a sure hit. A walk in the fresh wind gives red cheeks and refreshed energy. Enjoy the murmur of the sea while the children collect rocks and seashells. A quick swim in the North Sea is a wonderful experience. But be careful and attentive – strong natural forces control the North Sea! In various places along the West Coast it is possible to bring a car or bus and drive on the beach. This is one of the few places in Europe where you have this opportunity. We recommend the stretch from Blokhus to Løkken in Northern Jutland – a lovely nature experience of 15 kilometers. The road only consists of sandy beaches.  
The West Coast is truly special.

SKAGEN – Denmarks North Cape

Denmark’s most northern city and extremely popular destination through many generations is Skagen. In Denmark it is also known as GRENEN. At first it was painters such as P.S Krøyer, and Anna & Michael Ancher that settled down in Skagen because of the fantastic light in the area. Afterwards followed authors, bohemians and the wealthy from Copenhagen. Today it is jetsetters and common folks who looks to the city on top of Jutland and with good reason! The light is still unique, but the city also has a fantastic atmosphere and charm. It’s filled with characteristic gold painted houses with red tiles and white painted windows. It’s cozy and there’s old fish warehouses at the harbor and the most delicious fish restaurants. People come here to see where the two oceans, Skagerrak and Kattegat meet. They come to experience the distinctive nature, beautiful beaches and just to be a part of it all.
Go on a tour with SANDORMEN – an excursion trolley pulled by a tractor out to GRENEN.

FUNEN - The Fairytale awaits.

Welcome to Funen and the Archipelago. Come and enjoy life as you explore one of Denmark’s finest islands. Experience the changing city Odense, visit the well-preserved market towns, the 123 castles and manors or let yourself be tempted by local food and subline restaurants – all this while being surrounded by an ocean filled with 100 of islands. Funen is known for being a fantastic bicycle area with lots of marked bike routes and newly made trails. Bring your own bike or simply contact one of the many bike rentals on the island. When you visit Funen it’s a must to visit Odense, where the world known fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen was born. The city is currently undergoing a comprehensive city development, but you can still explore the old neighborhoods, visit museums, attractions and be part of the atmosphere of the many different festivals that takes place in Odense. New restaurants are always being opened in Odense. Experienced chefs serve sharp menus consisting of the ingredients of the current season. Take a break in one of the many parks or enjoy a boat ride down the river and visit the beautiful and green Odense Zoo.  
”To travel is to live” quote by H.C. Andersen


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