Experience the ice of Greenland, see the huge icebergs, fly with a helicopter over the magnificent landscapes of Greenland or watch the seals sunbathing on the ice - Greeland has it all! 

Greenland is the world biggest island, however the population is only 57.000 citizens. Around half the population lives by the west coast in the bigger cities: Sisimut and Maniitsoq in north, as well as Paamiut and the capital Nuuk in south. 

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland as well as the biggest city. In Nuuk you can visit the national museum of Greenland and get to know their history and see the Qilakitsoq-mummies. In the area there are many nature experiences as well: moskus-safaries, trips to the inland ice or you can take a ride with the dog sledge. In the ocean by Paamiut and Nuuk you can discover whales and if you are up for it, go skiing. 

In the summertime the east part of Greenland have a lot of possibilities and places to explore as well: sailing among the icebergs, whalesafari and fishing, or even a helicoptertrip above the glaciers and the inland ice. In the wintertime you can go skiing or even enjoy the northern light and its reflections on the mountains covered with snow - and off course you take a ride with the dog sledge! 

On the sourthern part of Greenland you can experience the agriculture or you can hike, fish or climb in the mountains.  

Greenland has all kinds of options and experiences if you want to see the world biggest island! 

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Photo Hanne Mikkelsen
Photo Hanne Mikkelsen