A truly beautiful country in all aspects, magical thick pine forests, peaceful lakes, relaxing countryside, towering peaks, glaciers and the wilderness of the Swedish Lapland. Sweden is also currently very much in the public eye and recently becoming more widely known due to the phenomenon of Stieg Larssens Millenium trilogy.

In the south you have many fascinating areas, such as Skåne, where you can see the architectural wonder "Turning Turso" in Malmö. Visit Småland and see Kalmar and the Kingdom of crystal where you can see many glass works. Or take the family for a trip to see Astrid Lindgrens world of Pippi long stockings in Vimmerby. In the same area it is also possible to visit the popular islands of Öland and Gotland.

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city and continually growing in reputation. It is also clos to Lake Vänern and Trollhätten where you can take a trip down the beautiful canal.

Stockholm is the royal capital and known as the "Venice of the North" due to its beauty and incomparable location spread out over 14 islands. It is often also regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Scandinavia. With its palaces and town hall which is the location for the Nobel prise dinner, incredible archipelago and the most romantic and charming old town "Gamle Stan" it is easy to see why.

In central Sweden you have the Dalarna region, regarded as the most Swedish part of Sweden and famous for its hand carved and painted red horses in Mora, and the great Copper mine in Falun which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The further north you go the wilder the landscape becomes. In Swedish Lapland you can visit one of the national parks, or meet the local Sami people. Or stay at the remarkable winter Ice Hotel in Jakkasjarvi, which is built completely from scratch each year and comes complete with wedding chapel, bars and sculpture park to complement the ice rooms. Whilst here take a reindeer ride, try dog sledding or a snow scooter among many other summer and winter activities. 

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Photo Richard Ryan
Photo Rolf Björk